Annual Summary and Newsletter

CYW-RPF’s Annual Summary and Quarterly Newsletter are Out


The Children, Youth and Women – Research and Practice Forum (CYW-RPF) has been organising monthly seminars for over fourteen years and has provided a useful network for discussion and dialogue concerning children and youth in Ethiopia with a view to promoting improvements in policy and practice. Young Lives has led the forum with support from the Ministry of Women and Social Affairs, UNICEF Ethiopia and other agencies. It also publishes newsletters and annual publications for wider dissemination. In this month two publications are published. 

The Annual Summary comprises 12 summaries of presentations covering a wide range of issues relevant to children and young people in Ethiopia, many of which are very relevant to the current context, including Sexual and Reproductive Health, child marriage and FGM/C, girls’ migration, as well as recent crises including COVID, climate change and conflict and how these have affected children and young people, notably in terms of mental health effects.   

Most of the presentations address gender issues either directly or indirectly. This includes child marriage and FGM/C, adolescent sexual and reproductive health, girls' migration from rural to urban areas, female children who have faced sexual abuse and support networks for them. To access the Annual Summary, Click Here.

The Newsletter presents two summaries of research presented at the (June and July 2023) monthly CYW-RPF seminars. These are from papers on 1) Children and the Fiscal Space in Ethiopia, conducted by The World Bank Group, and 2) The prevalence of domestic servitude among child domestic workers in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, done by Freedom Fund and Population Council. 

It also addresses in its news story section Young Lives Ethiopia’s engagement with different stakeholders in sharing Young Lives longitudinal research. To access the Newsletter, Click Here. 

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