The need for a link between research, policy and practice on issues of children and youth in Ethiopia resulted in the establishment of a Forum through which practitioners, policy makers and researchers discuss research findings.

The idea was proposed during a workshop in December 2010 for a study on orphans and vulnerable children undertaken by Young Lives. Participants felt that research on children’s lives was not made publicly available. The idea was developed through consultations with Young Lives’ partners, leading to the establishment of the Forum.

The overall goal of the Child Research and Practice Forum is to create a stronger connection between research, policy and programmes related to children and youth in Ethiopia by presenting and discussing evidence based research.

The CRPF seminars have taken place over the past twelve years at the Ministry of Women Children and Youth and since 2022 at the Ministry of Women and Social Affairs. The monthly seminar is open to policy makers, researchers, NGOs and interested individuals both as presenters and as participants. The Forum has a mailing list of over 1000 individuals and institutions and produces newsletters and annual presentation summaries.

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