Listening to Young Lives at Work COVID-19 Phone Survey: First Call fieldwork has begun!



No country has been untouched by the coronavirus crisis and we are only just beginning to understand the significant and far-reaching impact across all our lives. Young Lives at Work’s new COVID-19 phone survey, funded by the Department of International Development (DFID), provides a unique chance to better understand how the crisis is impacting the lives of young women and men across our four study countries, to inform government responses around the world. Our first call will enable researchers to gather vital initial information in terms of health, education and livelihoods, including gender analysis of how these impacts are differentially affecting young women and men.

The Young Lives at Work (YLAW) team has not escaped the effects of the lockdown, with many concerned about vulnerable loved ones and combining home schooling with work. We are delighted therefore that, after a concerted and creative team effort and with much planning, purchasing, piloting and practicing, we have started our virtual fieldwork in Ethiopia, India, Peru, and Vietnam.

Young Lives at Work’s response to the COVID-19 crisis is described on our website here and here. In this blog, we explain how the YLAW team designed the first call and what we anticipate the results will tell us about the impact of the crisis on young people.