Informing Early Childhood Education in Ethiopia: Insights from Young Lives Research on the O-Class Programme

This research report has been produced in partnership with UNICEF Ethiopia and the Children's Investment Foundation Fund (CIFF) and is based on the Young Lives sub study 'Improving the evidence for early intervention: using cohort research to improve policy in Ethiopia and India' funded by CIFF. 

The rapid scaling up of pre school provision in Ethiopia, especially through the O-Class programme, designed to prepare 6 year old children for Grade 1, has resulted in a huge increase in access to pre school, with particular benefits for children living in rural and remote areas and those from poorer backgrounds. 

The report reviews the impact of this recent up scale and finds that it masks important differences in access and raises issues around the quality of education provided.  It highlights areas for improvement including in teacher training, improved school facilities and greater pre school access for girls.