Ethiopia partners

Pankhurst Development Research and Consulting

Young Lives staff at Pankhurst Development Research and Consulting plc:

  • Alula Pankhurst – Country Director
  • Natan Negussie – Research Assistant

Ethiopian Development Research Institute (EDRI)

EDRI is a semi-autonomous not-for-profit think tank engaged in: economic research and policy analysis, bridging research and policy, capacity building, knowledge dissemination and exchange, and consultancy.

Young Lives staff at EDRI:

  • Tassew Woldehanna – Principal Investigator
  • Administrative and Survey Officer – Chanie Ejigu
  • Meseret Gebresilasie – Data Manager
  • Mesele Araya - Research Assistant


Save the Children

In Ethiopia, Save the Children works closely with the Ethiopian Government and local partners on projects to address three areas that have the greatest impact on the greatest number of children: basic services; livelihoods and poverty; and emergency preparedness and response.

Young Lives staff at Save the Children:

  • Communications and CRPF Coordinator – vacant


Independent Consultants who are based at Save the Children:

  • Lead Qualitative Researcher – Yisak Tafere
  • Qualitative Research Assistant – Nardos Chuta

In addition to our major partners EDRI and Save the Children, we have a lot of other stakeholders that we work closely with including the African Child Policy Forum (ACPF), the Forum for Sustainable Child Empowerment (FSCE), UNICEF, Norwegian Church Aid, CHAD-ET, World Vision and others.