Young Lives study sites in Ethiopia

Our research sample households are found in both rural (60 per cent) and urban (40 per cent) areas located in 20 sentinel sites distributed over the five major regions of Ethiopia (Amhara, Oromia, SNNPR and Tigray, plus the capital city Addis Ababa) where more than 96 per cent of Ethiopian children live. The Young Lives sites are located in food deficit woredas (except for two rural sites) and as a result the Young Lives sample households are poorer than average Ethiopian households.

We use a sampling methodology known as a sentinel site surveillance system.In Ethiopia, the Young Lives team used multi-stage, purposive and random sampling to select the two cohorts of children. This methodology randomised households within a study site while the sites themselves were chosen on the basis of predetermined criteria, informed by the study’s objectives. To ensure the sustainability of the study, and for re-surveying purposes, a number of well-defined sites were chosen. The sites were selected with a pro-poor bias and to ensure a balanced representation of Ethiopian regional diversity as well as rural/urban differences.