Round 4 Preliminary Findings

We have produced a series of key findings fact sheets to give a preliminary overview of some of the descriptive data emerging from Round 4 of the Young Lives household and child survey. The themes covered in these fact sheets are Education and Learning; Health and Nutrition; and Youth and Development.

Education and Learning

The Education and Learning fact sheet reports on children’s learning and some of the changes that have taken places in key education indicators for our sample children over the eleven years since the first round of data collection in 2002.

Education and learning

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Nutrition and Health

The Nutrition and Health fact sheet gives some descriptive findings on some of the key nutrition and health indicators of the Younger Cohort sample children at age 12.

Health & Nutrition corrected

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Youth and Development

The Youth and Development fact sheet reports on outcomes for the Older Cohort at age 19 in terms of education, employment and marriage.

Youth and development

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